Precise-ITC, Inc. Domain Hosting (Web/E-mail) Reference


The pdf version of this reference can be downloaded here : Precise-ITC, Inc.-Domain-hosting-guide-1.6.pdf


1.1      General Information


Fast access and high availability with high security - Location of servers


We use the data centre in PA, USA to host our servers. The data centre has 24/7 security monitoring and battery backup for weeks in case of power failure. This ensures high availability and high security of the physical server. Each server has 100Mpbs Ethernet connection to international backbone. The connection rate is excellent across the globe.


Two layers of firewall


Network security is one of our major concerns. Our servers are protected with two layers of firewall. The external firewall is based on technology from Cisco Systems, one of the most reputable names in network security. This level blocks intruder and/virus from the public domains. Each server inside the data centre also has its own firewall setup to prevent intrusion between internal servers. In this case, if hacking is originated from one of our servers, it will be blocked by servers’ own firewall.

Anti-virus scanning and filtering

 All emails received are filtered with our anti-virus (ClamAV) software before they are delivered to your mailboxes. ClamAV’s virus database is updated on an hourly basis in order to maximize the protection level.

In additions, data on our servers are scanned for virus daily. Please note that we do not perform virus-cleanning but users (domain admins – are notified upon detection of the virus infection on their file(s). Virus-cleaning service can be arranged upon request.

Anti-SPAM filtering on E-mails

We use anti-SPAM (SPAMASSAIN) software to filter SPAM. Our email users can set their own SPAM filtering sensitivity to accommodate individual needs. In additional, our servers also use Mail Abuse Prevention System from Trend Micro RBL+ Service to ignore SPAMmers right at sources.

Linux & Commercial software


Our server runs on Linux for best performance and security. The server is installed with SW-Soft’s PLESK Reloaded domain hosting software to provide easy-to-use interface.


Never-over-load-server policy (for shared hosts only)


Many low-cost web hosting companies overload their servers with a lot of web hosts per machine. This, of course, will greatly reduce the web site response time and increase the downtime while offering extremely low pricing. Our policy is that quality hosting is a must for our client and we never over-load our server while offering low price instead of “cheap price with unknown or cheap performance”.


Dedicated server, server farm or server cluster configurations are also available for big corporations.


Major web-components and databases


We support almost all popular web-components (MS Frontpage extension, Java, PHP, Apache ASP, SSI, SSL, etc) and database software (MySQL, PostGreSQL, Oracle and IBM DB). If you can name it, we properly have it installed already. If not, just let us know.

1.2      Online Access (


You  can access your email or manage your web/email account by using the “PLESK reloaded” access windows. The internet address to the PLESK reloaded is :


1.3      E-mail Access Information


Default email address :

The above email address is set up for you by default unless special request has been made.

1.3.1      E-mail Account Information for MS Outlook and Thunderbird


Username Format : 


Incoming server (IMAP/POP) name :

Outgoing server (SMTP) name :


Outgoing settings :

-         SMTP authorization required.

-         Username and password are your full email address (e.g. )and access password


Our server only allows maximum email attachment size of 2MB per email. If you need to send or receive emails with bigger attachment size, please let us know.


Please note that sometimes Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are known to block Port 25. They expect their customers use their outgoing servers to send emails. This is the case for most ISPs providing residential access. In this case, you cannot use our server to send e-mail unless you send it directly from the Webmail interface.

1.3.2      E-mail management


All E-mail users can login to the E-mail management interface to modify their email settings such as adding auto-responder text, setting email forward, setting redirection, email groups and so on.


The E-mail management interface access page is :


You can login with your full email address (e.g. and access password.


Please note that the domain admin can add aliases for a user. E.g. support, admin, and webmaster can all be aliased to


The Email management control panel User guide is here:


1.3.3      Webmail


The username is your full email address (e.g. The access password is the same as your email password.


You can access the webmail for your domain in two modes – non-secure mode (http://) or secure mode (https://). We strongly recommend you to use the secure mode when you access your webmail online. The webmail access path is in the form of :




Webmail Access : http://webmail.yourcompany.com_  (non-secure)


Webmail Access : https://webmail.yourcompany.com_  (secure)

1.3.4      Email List (using Mailman)


Your domain admin can create email list in the Plesk Control Panel. After the list creation, the list admin and the list users can access the list management interface from here:




List admin and list users can change the default options for the mail list. Please note that by default, if “archive” option is ON, the list archive (i.e. all emails sent to the list) can be viewed PUBLICLY. Therefore, if the list information should be treated private, you MUST change the archive viewing option in the list management page.


1.3.5      E-mail Policies

All clients are required to follow the strict e-mail policy. If at any time you violate one of the following policies, we may permanently disable your domain (including data) and access.


All Precise-ITC, Inc. email users must agree to the following :

-         will not use our server(s) to send any SPAM or unsolicited emails,

-         will not use our server(s) send any illegal email or email to conduct fraud,

-         will not store any email which is illegal or used in conducting fraud,

-         will not use our server(s) to send any virus/worm-infected (and/or destructive) email which is known by user.


1.4      Publishing Website


To publish your website, you can use ftp or frontpage (if it’s enabled for you). You must put all non-secure html documents under “httpdocs” which are accessed by http:// on the browser. You must put all secured html documents under “httpsdocs” which are accessed by https://  on the browser.


Your user account should have the following directory structure:


anon_ftp                       - to store all anonymous ftp data (if enabled)

bin                                - for shell access*

cgi-bin                         - to store all cgi-bin scripts for your website

conf                              - to store all configuration files for web components

error_docs                   - to store all error documents for your web sites

etc                                - for shell access*

httpdocs                      - to store general accessible html pages (http://) – this is your

  main website

httpsdocs                    - to store secured accessible html pages (https://) – this is your

  main website’s secured html pages

lib                                 - for shell access*

pd                                - to store postgre SQL databases

private                          - private storage area for your account (no public access)

statistics                        - statistics data for your website

subdomains                  - to store all subdomains of your website

tmp                              - for shell access*

usr                                - for shell access*

var                               - for shell access*

web_users                    - to store all web users for your account


* shell access is not allowed in any account unless special arrangement is made.

Here are the login information :



ftp access address :

ftp username : yourcompany

ftp password : ********


Frontpage extension :

Frontpage access address :

Frontpage admin-user : yourcompany

Frontpage admin-password : ********


If your domain name is not yet ready or it is in the transition period, you can use “” to replace the “” temporarily. Our server will redirect your request to the proper area based on the username.


1.5      Online Storage


The “private” directory at the same level of “httpdocs” directory is NOT accessible by the public. You can share sensitive documents with your coworkers online through this directory via ftp access. Please note that this “private” directory is accessible only by web publishing ftp account. Therefore, it cannot be used as an individual private folder. If you want to create private folder for individual user, you need to contact us. “Online Storage” for individual is not part of the domain hosting plan.


1.6      Domain administration (for self-serve accounts only)


If you are our “self-serve” account client, you can access your domain and maintain your domain by yourself. Our servers use PLESK 8.1 control panel software from SW-soft, inc. You can obtain the domain user documentation and information from the following link.



In the domain user control panel, you can do the following:

-         Create email users

-         Create webusers

-         Create subdomain

-         Maintain DNS entries of your domain

-         Create/Insert SSL certificates

-         Check web statistics

-         Schedule CRON tasks

-         Setup scripting environments

-         Install custom applications

-         Backup and restore of your domain and more


Domain administrator Information:


Domain User Web Access :


Username :

Password  :  ********




1.6.1      Change the passwords


You should change your default passwords as soon as you have access to your domain. You can change all levels of password in the domain management on Plesk Reload.


1.7      Domain registration


We do not provide domain registration directly. However, we do help our clients to register domain through our business partners and help our clients to maintain the domain registration as long as our clients use our services. If you need this service, you can contact us as well. For .com, .net or .com domain, the registration fee through our partners by us is USD$10 / year*. For .ca domain, the fee is CAD$20 per year*.


* Prices are subjected to change without notice.

1.8      Summary of Default Information


If your domain name is not yet transferred to our name server or your domain is being setup, you can use the following default information to access your account. It may take up to one week for account setup to complete.


Our name servers :


Our default incoming & outgoing mail server :


Our default ftp/MS Frontpage server for publishing website :